MCC Compact Program : New step in the right direction for Togo

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©AfreePress- (Lomé, November 10, 2020)- Togo has just validated 15 out of 20 indicators on the 2021 score card of the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and has succeeded, for the fifth consecutive year, in fulfilling the criteria of United States of America government agency Compact program eligibility.

This was announced Monday, November 9, 2020, the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA-Togo) through a press release sent to the AfreePress press agency.

« Togo is making progress by validating 15 out of 20 indicators in 2021 against 14 out of 20 indicators in 2019 and 2020 respectively, » informs the unit.

The indicators validated by Togo fall into three categories, according to the press release. These are: « Economic freedom » (fiscal policy, inflation, quality of regulation, trade policy, respect for gender equity in the economy, land rights, access to credit, and business creation), “Good governance” (civil liberties, control of corruption, rule of law, freedom of information) and “Investment in human capital” (expenditure in primary education, protection of natural resources and completion rate of primary education for girls).

“Togo’s score is on the median for the ‘government efficiency’ indicator and just below the median for the ‘political rights’ and ‘health spending’ indicators, explains the MCA-Togo unit.

For this, Togo thus meets for the fifth consecutive year, the three eligibility criteria for the MCC Compact program, namely: validation of the indicator « control of corruption », validation of at least one of the democratic rights indicators (political rights and civil liberties) and validation of the majority of the 20 indicators with at least one indicator in green in each category.

For the National Coordinator of the MCA-Togo Unit, Stanislas BABA, the reforms carried out will help make the national economy resilient in the face of the pandemic linked to Covid-19.

« This fine performance is the translation of our country’s commitment to structurally transform the economy for strong, sustainable, resilient, inclusive growth, creating decent jobs and leading to the improvement of social well-being », a- he stressed.

As a reminder, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a government agency of the United States of America, is an Initiative of President George Bush. This organization is in charge of managing the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA). An American state aid program aimed at reducing poverty through sustainable economic growth. It is intended on the one hand for developing countries which demonstrate their commitment to economic development and the fight against poverty, by meeting recognized criteria, accepted by all and independent of the Administration, and on the other hand to those where aid meets the best opportunities to achieve the expected results, in other words, to be effective.

Written by Raphaël Aziamadji and translated by Cephas AGBOSSOUMONDE (+00228 90 39 58 85)

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