Security: Thirty cybercriminals in the nets of the national police

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©AfreePress- (Lomé, November 10, 2020) – Cybercriminals operating in Togo are currently in the net of the national police. These thugs arrested in early November were presented to the press on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 by the Judicial Police (DCPJ).

They are 38 scammers and all Nigerians. Their operation mode is to target particularly young girls on social media, through phishing and later blackmailing based on compromising elements of sexual nature.

“They contact their victims via Internet under a false identity, posing as people looking for a stable romantic relationship. They gradually lead, through various maneuvers, the victims to fall in love with them so that they can provide them with pictures of their privacy. Then, the crooks use these photos for emotional blackmail and force their victims to hand over large sums of money or goods to them, ”said DCPJ officer Bakoma Bitédéba.

Another modus operandi is the « legacy scam. » At this level, explains officer Bakoma Bitédéba, “the delinquents make their victims believe through letters sent by email or by social media, that they have inherited immense fortunes but unfortunately blocked in bank accounts and that they need funding from the victims themselves, hoping that they share this fictitious legacy. The victims do not hesitate to strip themselves completely for the benefit of these crooks, « the officer said.

The police took the opportunity to call on the Togolese to be more vigilant and above all to collaborate more with the police to dismantle these networks of thugs.

Written by Anika Amen and translated by Cephas AGBOSSOUMONDE (+228 90 39 58 85)

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