Diplomacy: United Nations System approves Dogbé government’s planning

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©AfreePress-(Lomé, November 13, 2020)- The resident representatives of the  of the United Nations System (UNS) were received in audience this Thursday, November 12, 2020 at the Prime Minister’s office, by Victoire Tomégah-Dogbé.

On this occasion, the delegation led by the coordinator of the UN system in Togo, Damien Mama exchanged with the Head of Government on the new priorities of the Togolese executive in the various sectors of activity.


« We seized the opportunity to obtain orientations on the priorities of the new government, in particular new management methods.  Management based on results, the search for pragmatism and consistency in the implementation of public policies. And we are pleased to see that the principles that the Prime Minister shared with us sound strongly with our working methods.


To this end, we are committed to working alongside with the new government to achieve the country’s ambitions. We took the opportunity to congratulate the government for placing the issue of social inclusion at the forefront of priorities, ”said Damien Mama.


Speaking of the health crisis linked to covid-19, the UN delegation shared with Ms.Victoire Dogbé the opportunities that Togo can seize internationally, especially with the World Health Organization (WHO) to further strengthen the national response against this pandemic.


« We are pleased to note that there is a convergence of views between the ambitions of the new government and the actions that the UNS is considering, » said the head of the delegation, leaving the audience.


It should be remembered that Ms. Victoire Dogbé was herself a United Nations diplomat for several years and in several countries of the continent, before joining the government in 2008 as minister of grassroots development. A post she held until her appointment as head of government last october.


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Written by ANIKA A. and translated by Cephas AGBOSSOUMONDE (+228 90 39 58 85)

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