Second day of strike in education : FESEN calls for intensification of the movement

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©AfreePress- (Lomé, November 17, 2020) – The teachers gathered within the Federation of National Education Unions (FESEN) and the Coordination of Education Unions of Togo (CSET) actually observed Monday 16 November 2020, a work stoppage throughout the national territory.


Educational activities have been paralyzed in most schools across the country, the AfreePress news agency has learned.


“We are in direct contact with our colleagues inside the country. People keep us informed every hour. I can tell you that the strike is more than 90% followed « , welcomed the Secretary General of FESEN, Houssimé Sénon. “We must note that the silence of the Employer during the notice may mean contempt and little consideration for teachers, at least those of FESEN for not having deigned to listen to their cry of heart. But the statistics of the strikers speak for themselves, congratulations to all of us! Today, day 2 of the 72-hour strike launched by FESEN as a response to the employer who claims to turn a deaf ear to your legitimate demands, we would like to invite you to more determination and mobilization in the cessation of work », He continued.


The strikers are calling for, among other things, the full implementation of the memorandum of understanding on the status of teachers adopted in 2018. “The memorandum of understanding that we signed in 2018 brought a lull to the sector. Even if it’s not too big, you have to admit that it calmed hearts. But today we are told we need to do a proofreading. That is, some benefits should be scaled down. So we are against this rereading, ”said Houssimé Sénon.

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One of the reasons for the strike is the improvement of the living and working conditions of teachers in this period of health crisis linked to the coronavirus. « Since we started school two weeks ago, no operating credit has been sent to schools, especially primary and preschool establishments where school fees are made free », protested the boss of FESEN.


It should be remembered that this strike is scheduled for a period of 72 hours, therefore will end on Wednesday, November 18, 2020.


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