« FOUFOUMIX » machines now at the reach of all Togolese

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©AfreePress- (Lomé, December 15, 2020) –FOUFOUMIX S.A. wants to make its products more accessible, starting with the foufou machine. Before the press Monday, December 14, 2020, the first officials of this company announced new measures intended to allow both individuals and employees to have their own machine for making foufou in safe and hygienic conditions.

Especially, for this end of the year, announces the company, two new offers are made available to the populations. First of all, there is a special discount of 20,000 FCFA on all of the company’s products and an offer called: “FOUFOUMIX employee” which is aimed at both public and private employees throughout the national territory.

« Today we are offering the opportunity to all those who want to buy FOUFOUMIX to benefit from a discount of twenty thousand (20,000) FCFA on the product, but also more particularly, to employees banking with the local banks. We allow them to acquire our products thanks to the loans that we have negotiated with all the banks in the country. If you are an employee and interested in buying FOUFOUMIX, all you have to do is go to your bank and apply for the « FOUFOUMIX loan ». As soon as the files are completed, you enter in procession of your FOUFOUMIX. The special thing is that the client benefits from a number of subsidies. The credit that the customer will pay will only be on the subsidized amount. For this proposal, the household FOUFOUMIX is sold at 250,000 F CFA. But the client will only pay 230,000 FCFA. This amount will be paid over 12 months. The employee will neither pay the case study fees nor an interest rate, « FoufouMix S.A. President and CEO Jules Logou Minsob said to AfreePress.

The “FOUFOUMIX” which is a 100% Togolese invention, is marketed all over the world. For its promoters, the product’s success lies in its innovations aimed at making it easier for users.

“FOUFOUMIX is developed from our own technology. It is a registered trademark and this product does not die. It guarantees the health of the users. The cost is a bit expensive, but we can reassure you, it is because these machines are manufactured with quality materials which respect the standards in terms of health and environmental protection ”, specified Mr. Logou Minsob.

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An opportunity for the promoter of « FOUFOUMIX » to invite the population to remain cautious with regard to counterfeit products dumped on the market.

“To recognize the real FOUFOUMIX, you must ensure the presence of the mark » FOUFOUMIX « written in red on a shiny background on the machine and above all, never accept home delivery, this to find the sellers if there is a problem after. Also, any buyer must request a one-year warranty from the sellers as we do for our machines, ”advised the promoter.

The foufou machine has been delighting its users for more than 20 years. About 150 machines are produced per day by this 100% Togolese company.

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