Covid-19: The government takes new measures

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©AfreePress- (Lomé, March 24, 2021) -In a communiqué made public on Wednesday March 24, 2021, the government announced new restrictive measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic.
“On the recommendations of the Scientific Council and the results of the various consultations, the Government is taking the following measures: Revitalization of the joint Covid-19 monitoring group (GMS) by strengthening at least 1,000 personels from the defense force component and security to intensify surveillance, prevention and interventions, acceleration of the vaccination campaign with the implementation of a mobile strategy, in particular by relocating vaccination to any place where it is necessary in Lomé behole while respecting age criteria, the ban on all mass gatherings including mass sports, funeral ceremonies, weddings, cultural events, advertising campaigns, concerts, receptions. Compliance with the strict limitation to fifteen (15) of the number of people for burials, ”informs the government press release.
The executive announces the strict ban on gatherings at certain places in the capital. These are the place « Bonké », the premises of the Tiens Casablanca network, the LONATO agencies, the Carrefour Limousine (avédji) as well as the beach of Lomé.
« Violators face penalties in accordance with applicable laws, » the government warns.
The Council of Ministers also recommends strengthening the control of barrier measures to market entry, transport, institutions and churches, etc. At this level, it is prohibited « performances by choirs and musical groups, with immediate closure in the event of non-compliance with the measures enacted ».
With regard to bars, restaurants and canteens, the executive makes special use of take-away sales of drinks as well as meals.
In addition, the leaders announce the continuation of consultations and analyzes in order to consider a curfew in the days to come according to the evolution which will be observed.
« The government warns against disinformation on the media and social networks and recalls that the authors expose themselves to the rigor of the law and calls on the entire population to be extremely vigilant and to scrupulously respect the measures enacted. », Underlines the communiqué
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