Compassion International Togo expands to the Central Region

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©AfreePress-(Lomé, June 25, 2022)-Existing so far in four regions of the five regions of Togo (Maritime, Plateaux, Kara and Savannah), the NGO Compassion International Togo is now expanding towards the Central region. On Thursday, June 23, 2022, eleven churches in the prefecture of Sotouboua signed a partnership agreement with Compassion International Togo. In the coming weeks, they will be able to host Child and Youth Development Centres (CYDCs).

The representatives of the eleven new churches each signed the two copies of the contract that now makes their churches partners in Compassion International’s program in Togo. It was during a ceremony that brought together in addition to the pastors of the said churches, the regional leaders of the denominations from which they come as well as leaders of Compassion International Togo. In her speech on the occasion, Sarah Kaglan, representing the National Director, praised the exemplary journey of these churches that led them to this achievement.

« I appreciate how laborious the road has been for each of your churches, but you have shown tenacity and above all an unwavering will to develop your different communities. Yes, that’s the gospel in action. I would therefore like to express my warm congratulations to you on your remarkable journey in community mobilization to bring this journey to a successful conclusion. (…) The path on which you will embark with this organization is a noble path that must, therefore, push you to put seriousness, goodwill and total dedication. You are expected to commit to giving the children and young people who will be registered in the program, all the necessary support through the training curricula whose ultimate goal is to develop the full potential of these young people in all areas.  Sarah Kaglan said.

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Sarah Kaglan presenting her speech of circumstance

Becoming a partner of Compassion International is a journey that requires determination, courage and above all a desire to work for the cause of children. The responsibilities incumbent on the new partners were reminded in turn by the various speakers, including the Senior Manager of Partnership at Compassion International Togo, Dodzi Kameti-Ati, who insisted on the respect of the five values of Compassion (Integrity, Excellence, Stewardship, Discernment, Dignity) by the new partners.

Compassion International Togo is a Christian child development NGO. To date, it supports more than 73,000 children and young people through 297 child and youth development centres. With the new partnerships signed, the number of partner churches will be increased to 308 with more than four hundred new beneficiaries in addition. The prefecture of Sotouboua is the gateway of Compassion in the central region, it aims to expand to the other prefectures of this region in the coming months and years.


Thanks to Compassion International’s programme, all beneficiaries receive support in the areas of health, food, income-generating activities, protection of children against various abuses…

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