Child development and protection: Compassion International Togo sets up its own headquarters to better carry out its mission

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©AfreePress-(Lomé, September 2, 2022)-The NGO Compassion International Togo now has its headquarters after 14 years of activity in the service of disadvantaged children.

The building, erected in the commune Agoe-Nyivé 1 was officially inaugurated, Friday, September 2, 2022, during a solemn dedication ceremony in the presence of the Minister of Social Action, The Advancement of Women and Literacy, Adjovi Lolonyo APEDOH-ANAKOMA who represented the Prime Minister, the Vice-President of Compassion International Africa, Palamanga OUALI, the authorities of the prefecture of Agoe-Nyivé and other guests of mark.

Larger and more comfortable, the new headquarters of Compassion International Togo extends over an area of 3 thousand square meters.

It has more than sixty offices with two auditoriums with large capacities for conferences and meetings.

For the National Director of Compassion International, Olivier Koffi AHONON, the endowment of a seat worthy of the name, is above all, a desire of the NGO which wants to intensify its actions for the development and protection of children in Togo.

« It is a great joy for us today to dedicate this building that will ensure comfort for our staff. We have the necessary equipment today to do the job well and also help the actors throughout the national territory, » he said.

2008-2022: already 14 years that Compassion Internationale Togo is at the service of the development and protection of children in Togo

From 600 children in 2008, Compassion International Togo currently counts within its holistic care program, nearly 75 thousand children and young people throughout the national territory. Of these children, 65 are at the end of their care programme. They received their certificates on the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony.

These are the first children in care since 2008 and who reached 22 years of age this year (age limit to leave the program).

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According to the National Director of Compassion International Togo, these young people at the end of the program, have received the necessary training that can allow them to change their own lives, that of their families, but also to positively impact their communities.

Compassion International’s program, it should be recalled, mainly targets children from the most disadvantaged families. From an early age, the NGO provides them with physical, socio-economic, spiritual and emotional care in order to « help them out of poverty ».

« I thank the Lord for the opportunity he has given me to be part of the Compassion International Togo program. 14 years in this program, it changed my life. The program has allowed me to be where I am today. I have a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and I am one of the young actors who positively impact their communities. Compassion’s support has allowed me to develop a solar tricycle bike for people with disabilities, » said FANDOUMI Winner, beneficiary of the Compassion International program.

To achieve its goals, Compassion International partners with religious congregations. In Togo, the NGO has more than 300 churches and partners.

« Our development model is unique in that it relies on churches in children’s communities of residence. Through our interventions, hundreds of thousands of children are developing the potential that God has given them and already, many of them are making a difference in their communities. Young people are equipped to provide for themselves, their families and members of their communities and also to positively influence those around them, » said Palamanga OUALI, Vice President of Compassion International Africa.

On the African continent, Compassion International’s Togo Office is the second to have its own headquarters after Kenya.

An opportunity for the leaders of this Christian organization to express their gratitude to the Togolese authorities for the facilities they continue to grant to their NGO in the accomplishment of its mission.

It should be noted that Compassion International has been involved in the field of holistic care for children and young people since 1952.

The NGO is present in 26 countries, including 9 in Africa where nearly 3 million children are cared for.

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