Compassion International Togo: 280 young people take flight after 15 years of care

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©AfreePress-(Lomé, April 12th, 2023)- The apotheosis ceremony of the celebration of the 15 years of activity of the NGO Compassion International Togo took place on Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at Palais des Congrès in Lomé.

The ceremony coupled with the delivery of program completion certificates to 280 young people, took place in the presence of the Minister of Grassroots Development, Youth and Youth Employment, Myriam DOSSOU-D’ALMEIDA, representative of the Prime Minister. Also present were the Minister of Trade, Industry, and Local Consumption, Kodjo ADEDZE, sponsor of young people at the end of the program, the Africa Senior Director of Regional Program at Compassion International, Agnes HOTAY, leaders of partner churches and other personalities.

It is in an electric, festive and renewed atmosphere of commitment that the NGO Compassion International Togo, marked the end of the activities included in the program of the celebration of its crystal jubilee. Throughout this celebration (started in February 2023), initiatives have been taken such as training sessions, sports activities and contests to strengthen the holistic development and cohesion of the children and young people of the program on the entire national territory.

For the first leaders of Compassion International Togo, this celebration is above all an opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to the holistic development of children in Togo.

“Today is an opportunity for us to give a special stamp to the activities organized throughout the territory as part of the celebration of our 15 years in Togo. During these 15 years of intervention in Togo, Compassion has grown from Lomé to the Savannah region where we serve today in 25 prefectures throughout the national territory in the five (5) administrative regions », said Olivier Koffi AHONON, National Director of Compassion International Togo.

Very satisfactory results

On February 1, 2008, Compassion International launched its activities in Togo with only 648 children registered in the sponsorship program. 15 years later, thousands of children and young people have seen their lives transformed.

“From 6 Child Development Centers, we are now at 331 Child and Youth Development Centers. In 2008, they were 648 to be registered in the program, but currently, they are more than 76 thousand to be supported in the program”, rejoiced, the National Director.

This American NGO, which aims to « deliver children from poverty in the name of Jesus », and its partner churches, have something to celebrate the Lord for these 15 years of operation in Togo in various fields such as education, training, health and other achievements especially child protection.

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Another mission accomplished

The apotheosis ceremony was marked by the official presentation of program completion certificates to 280 young people after 15 years in the compassion program. This is the second cohort released since 2008, after a first in September 2022 made up of 65 young people.

“Through this presentation of certificates, we celebrate the investment and the work that have been done over all these years and which allow these young people today to be actors of development at the level of their families, at the level of their community and also of the nation. The theme chosen for this celebration is « flaming sparks to make a difference in the nation ». This theme, because they were very small when they arrived in this program. During all these years, they had to receive the help of the organization which enabled them to go to school, to be looked after and for those who wished it to be formed in various sectors of activity. Many are already in active life and today we celebrate all these achievements,” said Mr. AHONON.

Aware of the real and tangible impact that the actions of Compassion International Togo have on the lives of thousands of Togolese children, the government reiterates its commitment to support the NGO in its approach.

« On behalf of the government, we convey our admiration and our very warm congratulations to the NGO Compassion International Togo for the immense work it has been doing in our country for 15 years now in favor of children and young people, especially in the most remote areas. These fine actions, which complement those of the government, are commendable. (…) We have noted with great interest the numerous investments of Compassion International Togo in the field of health, education, employment, food security in favor of children and thousands of households in Togo », declared the representative of the Head of Government, Myriam DOSSOU-d’ALMEIDA.

She invited the young people at the end of the program to show themselves worthy of the investments made in them throughout their journey. “You are the hope of your families, of your community and of the whole nation. Keep the line of conduct that has been instilled in you,” she said.

For her part, the Africa Senior Director of Regional Program of Compassion International expressed her thanks to the government for the facilities granted to the NGO in Togo.

Ms. Agnes HOTAY, did not fail to salute the work that the country team does on a daily basis to achieve the objectives set by her organization.

In accordance with the theme of this celebration, Compassion International Togo, during the ceremony, offered financial envelopes ranging from 250,000 FCFA to 500,000 FCFA to five (5) groups of children and young people from its program, winners of a national competition for the implementation of impact projects in their communities.

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