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Niger: Mohamed Bazoum’s First Reactions After the “Coup”

©AfreePress-(Lomé, July 27, 2023)- Ousted by a military coup on the morning of wednesday, July 26, 2023, President Mohamed Bazoum has finally spoken out.


On Thursday, July 27, 2023, he posted a message on his Twitter account, calling on Nigeriens to preserve the gains of the Republic.

“The hard-fought gains will be safeguarded. All Nigeriens who cherish democracy and freedom will ensure that,” stated the now former Head of State of Niger.


It should be noted that in a declaration read on national television late on wednesday, July 26, the coup leaders justified their actions by citing the “continuous degradation of the security situation and the poor economic and social governance” of the country.

The Defense and Security Forces, under the National Council for the Safeguard of the Fatherland (CNSP in French language), announced the suspension of “all institutions resulting from the Seventh Republic,” the closure of borders, and the imposition of a curfew.


International and sub-regional institutions such as ECOWAS, the African Union, and the United Nations have unanimously condemned this forceful seizure of power, stating that it is contrary to the country’s constitutional order.

This marks the fourth military coup within the ECOWAS region since 2019, following those in Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea.

Raphaël A.

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